Top Australian doctor says she suffered COVID-19 vaccine side effects and government censorship

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Leading physician claims she and her wife both experienced “devastating” Covid vaccine injuries and criticises “restriction of public discussion” over the negative consequences of vaccinations.
Dr. Kerryn Phelps claims that the vaccination damage she and her wife sustained were “devastating.”

She alleges that medical officials ignored her complaint and edited the conversation.
Campbell Newman, a former premier, described the testimony as a “watershed moment.”
A DJ once alleged that doctors were afraid to speak out about vaccination problems.

Dr. Kerryn Phelps, a prominent physician and former federal MP, stated that the Covid vaccination caused vaccine injuries in both her and her wife and that regulators are stifling discussion of the issue.

In a statement to a Senate committee on Long Covid, which is looking into the lasting effects of the virus that some have claimed are incapacitating, Dr. Phelps, a former president of the Australian Medical Association, revealed what some have alleged to be a crippling ailment.

Jackie Stricker-Phelps “suffered a serious neurological reaction to her first Pfizer immunisation within minutes,” according to Dr. Phelps, her wife.

Dr. Phelps said that her partner’s symptoms, which were also noted by the attending physician and the attending nurse, were burning on the face and gums, prickling, and numbness in the hands and feet.

A year and a half later, Dr. Phelps stated, “I continue to witness the severe effects with the addition of exhaustion and new neurological symptoms including nerve aches, altered sense of smell, visual disruption, and musculoskeletal inflammation.”

Several physicians who have told me that they have seen “a lot of patients in a similar position” have confirmed the diagnosis and cause.

Dr. Phelps further disclosed that in July 2021, she too received a diagnosis of vaccination damage following the second dose of Pfizer.

She said that following a battery of exams, “expert colleagues validated the diagnosis and aetiology.”

According to her, “in my instance, the injury led to dysautonomia with intermittent fevers and cardiovascular repercussions, including dyspnea, incorrect sinus tachycardia, and blood pressure swings.”

Tachycardia causes a fast heartbeat while dysautonomia affects the neurological system.

The Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), the organisation in charge of monitoring vaccination safety, was allegedly notified of Dr. Phelps’ reactions, but no action was taken.

She said that other medical professionals had also “experienced a serious and chronic adverse reaction,” but that “few in the medical field have wished to talk about vaccination harm.”

In her article, she claimed that “regulators of the medical profession have censored public discussion about adverse reactions to vaccination, with threats to doctors not to make any public statements about anything that “might undermine the government’s vaccine rollout” or risk suspension or loss of their registration.”

Dr. Phelps’ submission, according to the former premier of Queensland, Campbell Newman, was a “watershed moment.”

Dr. Phelps has previously supported vaccinations.

If you have had three or four immunisations, there is unquestionably a highly significant decrease in fatality rates and severe acute sickness, she wrote in July.

She has also been vocal about the necessity of avoiding the virus throughout the pandemic.

She has consistently cautioned about extended Covid due to “even minor” infections and wrote an article in August titled “Dropping COVID precautions is just a bad idea.”

In 2000, Dr. Phelps rose to the position of president of the Australian Medical Association and gained notoriety for his numerous disagreements with the Howard Liberal administration.

She won a by-election in 2018 to become the member for Wentworth, the electorate representing Sydney’s affluent eastern suburbs, succeeding the departing Liberal prime minister Malcolm Turnbull. She lost the 2019 federal election.

Tyson Illingworth, an award-winning DJ, said in July that five doctors informed him “privately” that he was experiencing major health issues as a result of an adverse reaction to two doses of Moderna, but they were unable to say this out loud for fear of being deregistered.

The DJ, whose stage name is tyDi, underwent extensive rehabilitation after nearly paralysing himself just weeks after receiving his first Moderna shot on October 1 of last year.

Illingworth said that five medical professionals proposed a connection between his Moderna vaccinations and his paralysis, but they would not speak publicly out of concern for negative feedback or the possibility of being deregistered by the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA).

Tyson told Daily Mail Australia, “I went from doctor to doctor to have them tell me in private I would like to tell you what is happening to you, but I would be deregistered.”

AHPRA and national medical boards encouraged physicians not to “undermine” the national vaccine launch in March 2021.

According to the joint statement, “Any promotion of anti-vaccination statements or health advice that contradicts the best available scientific evidence or seeks to actively undermine the national immunisation campaign… may be in violation of the codes of conduct and subject to investigation and possible regulatory action.”

AHPRA denied that this hindered the performance of doctors’ duties.

AHPRA’s spokeswoman added, “Doctors do not need to be afraid to take notes regarding the vaccine.”

Making accurate medical records is both excellent medical practice and a duty of care for doctors.

“We encourage practitioners to discuss the different vaccines with their patients and use their professional judgement and the greatest data currently available to help the patient select the safest choices.”

According to AHPRA, it only takes action “when the public is at substantial risk.”

The AHPRA representative stated that “the Board’s expectations of registered health practitioners in relation to vaccination and public health problems are not new and predate the COVID-19 pandemic.”


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