Biden: If Putin uses a tactical nuclear weapon in Ukraine, the entire world will face Armageddon.

The nuclear conflict between Russia and Ukraine, NATO / USA peaked in 60 years.

Joe Biden has cautioned the world could confront “Armageddon” on the off chance that Vladimir Putin utilizes a tactical nuclear weapon to attempt to win the conflict in Ukraine.

The US president offered his most candid comments to date about the danger of nuclear conflict, at a Vote based pledge drive in New York, saying it was the nearest the world had come to nuclear war for quite a long time.

“We have not confronted the possibility of Armageddon since Kennedy and the Cuban rocket emergency,” he said.

Ukrainian National Guards fire a howitzer towards Russian soldiers in Kharkiv.
Putin seems to concede extreme Russian misfortunes in Ukraine
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“We have a person I know genuinely well,” Biden expressed, alluding to the Russian president. “He’s not kidding when he discusses the likely utilization of tactical nuclear weapons or natural or substance weapons since his military is, you could say, fundamentally failing to meet expectations.”

Putin and his authorities have over and over took steps to involve Russia’s nuclear arms stockpile with an end goal to discourage the US and its partners from supporting Ukraine and assisting it with opposing the full scale Russian attack sent off in February. One trepidation is that he could utilize a short-range “tactical” nuclear weapon to attempt to leave Ukraine’s counter-hostile speechless and force Kyiv to arrange and surrender an area.

Assuming Russia utilized a nuclear weapon, it would leave the US and its partners with the situation of how to answer, with most specialists and that’s what previous authorities foresee assuming that Washington struck back militarily, it would probably accompany customary weapons, to attempt to deflect fast heightening to a full-scale nuclear conflict and retaliation. Be that as it may, Biden mentioned on Thursday : (I believe there’s no such thing as the capacity to effectively (use) a tactical nuclear weapon and not end up with Armageddon. First time since the Cuban rocket emergency, we have the danger of a nuclear weapon on the off chance that, things go on down the way they are going,” the president said. “We are attempting to sort out what is Putin’s exit ramp. Where does he discover a way? Where does he find himself where he doesn’t just lose face but significant power?)

US knowledge organizations accept that Putin has come to see rout in Ukraine as an existential danger to his system, which he connects with an existential danger to Russia, possibly supporting, as per his perspective, the utilization of nuclear weapons.

Prior on Thursday, Ukraine’s leader, Volodymyr Zelenskiy said Putin comprehended that the “world won’t ever forgive” a Russian nuclear strike.

He comprehends that after the utilization of nuclear weapons he would not be able any longer to protect, as it were, his life, and I’m certain of that – Zelenskiy

What to do in case of a nuclear strike

In the event of a nuclear strike, the first 72 hours will be crucial to surviving the aftermath. There are certain steps you can take to maximize the likelihood of surviving a nuclear attack. If you live in an area at risk of being hit by a nuclear strike, here are the things you should do if a nuclear attack warning is issued:

1. Duck and take cover. Do not look into the blast or fireball, this will cause temporary or permanent blindness. A nuclear attack is similar to having multiple extremely severe natural disasters hitting you at once. It’s similar to getting hit by an earthquake, a hurricane/a typhoon/storm. Take cover under the table in case your building collapses.


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