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China has introduced greater navy drills surrounding Taiwan because the autonomous island’s president met with participants of a brand new US congressional delegation, threatening to resume tensions among Beijing and Washington after a comparable current go to via way of means of US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi unsettled China. Pelosi […]

Prepare for war in the pacific. Chinese missiles have landed in Japanese waters after being fired towards Taiwan. Tokyo has said that this is an accidental occurrence, and that any war that may result from this miscalculation would be the largest in Chinese history. Five out of nine ballistic missiles […]

New pressures over Nagorno-Karabakh on Wednesday as 3 infantrymen have been killed and Azerbaijan stated it had taken manipulate of numerous strategic heights withinside the contested region. The escalation drew instant worldwide rebuke, with Russia accusing Baku of violating the brittle ceasefire and the European Union urging an “instant cessation […]

Breaking News: The Launch has started and there is now a news platform for preppers. PrepperNews.Online aims to provide information ,broadcasting and news platform for Preppers and the Prepparedness community. Particularly preparedness type of news reported far ahead of mainstream news and helping preppers become more be prepared ahead of […]