Rumours of Putin & family moving into bunkers in preparation to launch a tactical nuclear strike circulated on the internet.

Bits of gossip has spread through the internet and Russia that Vladimir Putin will before long go with ‘key choices about sending off a tactical nuclear strike’ from a mystery bunker.

A potencial bunker for Putin – Google Images of The Yamantau Base which is said to be an ultra-large underground military facility.

All more reasons to prepare for a nuclear war. If this is false then we dodged a bullet, if it’s true then this is it. Get your preparations in check. See the WW3 survival guide below for more information.


Putin has supposedly cautioned his nearest family, including gymnastic specialist accomplice Alina Kabaeva of the chance of quick departure to the unknown area.

Putin who will be celebrating 70 on Friday trusts the bunker to be “protected” from “Western assault”.

High-ranking representatives from his security group could move to the bunker with him, as per the Overall SVR channel.

Starting from the start of the conflict, the counter Kremlin outlet – which claims inside information from Putin’s circle, has fuelled reports he is experiencing intense medical conditions.

Among its most recent unprecedented cases is that he has been accepting counsel from shamans as he ponders sending off nuclear rockets. It comes after Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov encouraged Putin to send ‘low-yield’ nukes.

The Russian president has recently taken steps to utilize ‘every one of the means available to us’ in the event that his nation is undermined.

The specific location of Putin’s bunker is hazy, yet being ‘far’ from Moscow is said.

He is accepted to have a few bunkers in Siberia, one connected to the enormous new fluid case terminal at Sabetta on the Yamal landmass and the other in the Altai Mountains.

‘Family members and companions of the heads of state will be conveyed to the bunker ahead of time,’ expressed a report from the Overall SVR channel today.

‘Alina Kabaeva with the couple’s kids and two more established little girls with youngsters and companions were cautioned about the chance of earnest clearing.

‘Be that as it may, not every person in that frame of mind of Russia was fortunate.

For instance, Putin requested, in case of nuclear danger, to save the ‘essential least’ of Russian authorities

This would incorporate the head of the state Mikhail Mishustin, and the speaker of parliament Vyacheslav Volodin.

The alleged clearing incorporates his oldest little girl Maria Vorontsova, 36, a geneticist, and Katerina Tikhonova, 35, a high-kicking ‘rock’n’roll’ artist turned mathematician with their companions and youngsters.

However, an unacknowledged Putin ‘love kid’ Luiza Rozova, otherwise called Elizaveta Krivonogikh, 19, isn’t welcome to the bunker.

Rozova is the little girl of cleaner-turned-multimillionaire Svetlana Krivonogikh, 47, presently part-proprietor of a significant Russian bank, one of the country’s richest ladies with an expected £74 million monetary and property fortune.

No congresspersons are on the bunker list, the Wire channel has guaranteed.

Reports whirled toward the beginning of the conflict that Putin had withdrawn to a bunker in Siberia.

One exceptional bunker is supposed to fit up to 100,000 individuals and is intended for him to run Russia in case of Armageddon.

As well as an area near a significant Gazprom office in the furthest north of Russia, there is likewise supposed to be a bunker in the Altai Mountains concealed underneath a huge dacha.

Putin is said by Broad SVR to have spent ongoing days in Siberia since his unlawful extension of wraps of eastern Ukraine.
RUMOUR SOURCE: metro.co.uk

Prepare for WW3 , Nuclear War and Fallout:

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What to do in case of a nuclear strike

In the event of a nuclear strike, the first 72 hours will be crucial to surviving the aftermath. There are certain steps you can take to maximize the likelihood of surviving a nuclear attack. If you live in an area at risk of being hit by a nuclear strike, here are the things you should do if a nuclear attack warning is issued:

1. Duck and take cover. Do not look into the blast or fireball, this will cause temporary or permanent blindness. A nuclear attack is similar to having multiple extremely severe natural disasters hitting you at once. It’s similar to getting hit by an earthquake, a hurricane/a typhoon/storm. Take cover under the table in case your building collapses.


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WW3 Survival Guide to Nuclear War and Fallout


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